Western Electric Telephone

40"x60" oil on canvas Here is yet another, "Have I shown you this one yet?" piece. If I did show it to you, it had to have been an easel shot.  Anyway…  I wanted to share something interesting with you—besides some of my neighbors odd habits—and this five foot wide telephone is the only thing I could come up with.  •  These large paintings can wipe me out. The manner in which I paint requires that a painting stays live/wet the entire time I am painting it. So, when I commit to a large piece, there is no turning back, no stopping for any substantial length of time until I am done—no matter how long it takes. It is not so bad that I do not eat and sleep, but I have been know to forget that I have offspring who might need picking up from school. Oh well, one more check in the "Horrible Father" column for me. And yet, I am delusively okay with it.

Posted April 5, 2014

sold • private collection brooklyn, ny

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