Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots

16"x20" oil on canvas When it comes to my paintings, it seems to me that I need to come up with a new category for some if them. Not still life or landscape or figurative or whatever, but rather the ever growing genre called "Have I shown you this one yet?"  You see, when I paint, I paint. It is an all consuming act; whilst painting I think of nothing else—I forget the world—and I am happy. Well, not happy, but at least I know that I am where I should be. (When not painting, I think about painting and I can be a bit grumpy and have a tendency to yell at my offspring and whine until somebody shoves a cookie in my gob.) Anyway, this singular focus in the studio has the side effect of my not remembering which paintings I have shared with you.    At present, I am frantically painting pieces for this May's Beverly Hills Art Show (yes, they accepted me again) and am a bit forgetful. This begs the question, "Have I shown you this one yet?" If so, I apologize. If not… look at this kinda-sorta new painting that I painted all by my little self.    For those of you keeping track of my larcenous ways: Yes, I stole this from The Spawn AND never returned it. I may be a horrible father, but at least I have a cool looking toy in my studio!

Posted April 2, 2014

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