KitchenAid Mixer That I Am On the Fence About Ever Painting Again

5"x5" oil on door skin panel Sorry for the long title, but it is the truth. This mixer was given to be by my Mother Unit and has sat for years in my studio waiting for its day of glory. Besides being dang heavy, it gave off an odd vibe while I was painting it. Can't explain it… just odd.    And now let's return to reality, leaving that odd world that only exists in Raymond's head (vibe?):  If I paint this mixer again, the piece would be larger and I am just not sure how it would work out. The little paintings do not always prove that a larger version is a good idea. I shall have to consult my Ouija Board on this one (aka: Just put the decision off until another day).

sold • private collection rancho palos verdes, ca

I going to be interviewed on the radio next week. The program is Jeff Burr's "Spirit Matters." To those of you who know me, this occurrence may seem a bit odd. I am not a very… public person (large groups of humans and certain petite dogs terrify me), so agreeing to be interviewed was a big "issue" for me. Jeff is a great guy, a friend and a lot of fun, so let's hope for the best (i.e., minimal public humiliation for Raymond is really the best we can hope for).
The live interview will take place next Tuesday, February 4th at 6pm (PST) / 9pm (EST).
Here is the link to the online broadcast:

I am cinching up a deal to hold another one man show in early 2015. More news to follow. (How exciting!)

I am thinking of switching my emailing/subscription system from being "in-house" to being via Mail Chimp. Any thoughts?

I have become addicted to Fats Waller. (Yes, it's serious.)

Posted January 30, 2014

sold • private collection rancho palos verdes, ca

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