LEGO Star Wars Yoda

 6"x4" oil on raymar panel The original title for this piece was actually "Until you learn your lesson—Count 'I'm so hot!' Dooku—beat you with my Wicked Stick, I will!  Oops. Sorry, Mr. Lucas. What I meant to say was…  Much to learn, you still have. Hmpf." Come on! We all wanted to see Yoda just haul off and whack Christopher Lee with just his stick. Or was that just me? I did think he was great in the 70's Musketeer movies though—Christopher Lee, not Yoda. They were the best Musketeer movies and having Yoda show up in them would have been, well, just freaky. I think I just wondered a bit there. Sorry.    Anyhow… Of the legion of LEGO Star Wars mini figures that regularly assault my feet in the dark, this is probably my least favorite. It's his molded head—it is just too color-on-color for me. So, taking artistic license (which I still have not been issued—I don't even have a learner's permit) I enhanced the little guy's face a bit. I hope The Force approves.
Posted December 19, 2013

sold • private collection tarzana, ca

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