The Scissorstein

6"x4" oil on raymar panel Households often have quirky things that make a domicile a home to the people residing there. Everything from the odd place they hang their hat to the unusual place they throw their keys to where they keep their collection of Steely Dan LPs to how there is always a dart stuck to the face of Aunt Fay's picture. The inhabitants often do not realize that these things are unique to their household—they moved in and just starting shooting darts at that picture of Aunt Fay. I stumbled upon one of my household's quirks the other day: The Scissorstein. It is made up of a stein (a big ceramic or metal mug used to consume brewed potent potables such as ale or beer—my late father kept his in the freezer) and scissors (you know, like scissors). Since moving into our home, we have always put our scissors in that stein. I counted ten pair plus an interloping ballpoint pen, which, upon detection, was unceremoniously evicted. I honestly have no idea why we put our scissors in that stein, we just do. And I have absolutely no idea why you shoot darts at your Aunt Fay's picture—I would never do such a thing.
Posted November 5, 2013

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