Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

8"x8" oil on canvas. It may seem morbid, but painting dead guys is fun!  •  This painting of the creator of the most famous sleuth of all time brought two bonuses. The first is that it sold before it even made it to the Beverly Hills Art Show(!!!) and the second is that it exposed me to the term "Sherlockians." The collector who purchased it is a well known Sherlockian. I love Sherlock Holmes, but honestly had never heard that term before and it struck me as sounding like an alien race of people on Star Trek. You remember how it went: A small Enterprise contingent beamed down to the planet Sherlock's surface, engaged the Sherlockians, who then proceeded in killing Crew Member #7 (I think it was always the guy in the red shirt, or was it blue?). Maybe it's because it sounds similar to the Morlocks in The Time Machine. I don't know.    Moving on…  Not liking his age in my resource photo, I blended two Sir Arthurs to come up with this piece. I hope the Sherlockians approve. They do know many creative ways to make a person... expire.

Report on the Beverly Hills Art Show
This past weekend I was in the Beverly Hills Art Show. Many friends and collectors came to visit, which is always great. The weather was close to perfect. The weather is very important for me particularly. If it is too hot and sunny, my forehead turns bright pink and my hidden horns risk sprouting out. If it is too cold, I start grabbing any available Pekingese (of which there are many) to use as yipping insulation.    Our friend Viv brought a wonderful lunch on Saturday (Thanks Viv!). We often have people hanging out with us under our umbrella, but bringing good food guarantees you select seating. We also accept good recipes, but bringing the actual dish gets you more points. If you bring a plate of cookies, I will personally boot any lounging fellow artist out of a chair for you. Actually, I would do that for any luscious baked goods.   To top it all off, The Spousal Unit was again able to be with me during the entire show—always a big plus (for the other male artists).    All in all, a great show
Posted October 22, 2013

sold • private collection los angeles, ca


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