Lucky Cat Bank Hex

12"x12" oil on canvas. I was reluctant to show this to you, but it is sold and gone and I like to share. Reluctant because this photo is a poor representation of the actual piece. No matter how hard I tried, all the temperature and intensity shifts—the reds in particular—that I work so hard to achieve just don't' show up here. Oh well. Hopefully, this cat will bring the new owners luck (and kill my camera with its two pawed hex). Whoa. Sorry for the Freudian slippage.
Posted October 25, 2013

sold • private collection pasadena, ca


  1. Raymond - We are so proud and pleased to have this piece in our home. And yes, it is far more wonderful in person!

    1. Thank you, Roland. What a nice message to get from you. It means a lot to me.


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