Mini OJ

4"x6" oil on raymar panel. I do not know where these odd little cartons of orange juice come from, they just started showing up in our refrigerator around the time Spawn Number Two started summer school. The obvious question is, "Has Spawn Number Two gone over to the Dark Side and started stealing mini cartons of orange juice?"  And my response—as a wonderful parent who sees the possibility of turning this into a positive learning experience—would be, "What do I care, as long as The Dad Unit gets a daily dose of orange juice." Yet more evidence of my being ill-qualified as a parent.    This little carton brought up all sorts of challenges as a subject. From all the different angles to the bouncing light, it proved to be quite annoying and, of course, I loved it.
Posted July 1, 2013

sold • private collection marin, ca

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  1. Totally brought back memories of warm milk and salami sandwiches in a Roy Rogers lunchbox. Not having to have warm milk and salami for lunch is small recompense for getting

    Nice job!


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