Iceland Poppies

6"x4" oil on raymar panel. The frequency with which I paint flowers can be summed up by the old behest, "Smoke if you got 'em!"  I paint flowers when I got 'em (a.k.a. When The Spousal Unit cuts them and places them in front of me with the unspoken command, that a man who wishes to remain married and in cookies, pays heed to). Our backyard is currently an explosion of these red poppies and thus, The Royal Command was given.    Painting these beauties is the floral equivalent of trying to paint melting ice cubes. You have to go after them with an aggressive brush, committing to your original knock-in by not following them as they immediately start drooping to kiss the table. I feel guilty torturing these poor flowers. Okay, I'm over it. They were sacrificed to the painting gods and there are still a gazillion in the garden causing mass drunkenness and lewd behavior in our local bee population.
Posted April 26, 2013
sold • private collection bradbury, ca

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  1. You really captured the luminosity, Raymond! You tell your spousal unit she should put flowers in front of you more often.


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