Brownie Hawkeye Camera

11"x14" oil on canvas. Disclaimer: The final color correction performed on this image took place without the painting being present and after I had dental work done (I was so loaded that I couldn't feel the top half of my skull and, when talking to The Spawn, thinking I would get understandable responses), so I cannot guarantee its accuracy.    I love this camera. It is the epitome of its kind, beautifully designed and truly speaks of an era. When you say "Brownie camera," it is what most, many, a few, or at least two people envision. I am stating this because I will probably paint it again—this is the second time—and I didn't want anybody whining that they were not forewarned.
Posted March 27, 2013

sold • private collection natick, ma


  1. I enjoy your comments almost as much as I do your paintings!!! ;o)

    1. Thanks Marian.
      I especially appreciate your graceful use of tact by not saying you just like my comments. Well done.


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