Tootsie Pop Red

4"x6" oil on raymar panel. This will be my last auction of the year. 'Tis a busy season and I will be taking some time off from posting (not painting) until after the New Year. It's just the way I roll and if anybody has a problem with it, they may contact my complaint department. But I must warn you: She doesn't respond to my complaints, so she probably won't respond to yours. Anyway, the only surprising thing about this painting is that the Tootsie Pop wrapper is actually the same size as the infield tarp at Dodger Stadium. I had no idea the dang wrapper was going to be so big. It made the composition a bit of a challenge, but I think it worked out. And yes, I did steal this from one of The Spawn, but they should have known better than to let down their defenses when The Father Unit was skulking about.

My One Man Show Update
The opening reception for my show at the Sycamore Gallery was great! Many thanks to all who came to talk and view my work. At one point in the evening it was so crowded that it was a little tough moving around. That is not a complaint; the more the merrier for the artist. If you missed the opening, but still wish to see the show, it will be hanging at the gallery until January 31st. Go check it out! Gallery info below.

"As I See It" art show by Raymond Logan

December 15, 2012 to January 31, 2013
Sycamore Gallery
116 East Lemon Avenue, Monrovia, CA 91016
(626) 357-6200

Posted December 19, 2012
sold • private collection pasadena, ca

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