Hompa Hongwanji Buddhist Temple in Little Tokyo

24"x16" oil on canvas. Just thought I would doubly torture you by placing yesterday's painting alongside today's. It gives you a sense of scale and how I go even more totally and absolutely insane when I have knives in my hands and a palette covered with juicy paint at my disposal. There should probably be a law against somebody like me having access to paint. If it wasn't knives and brushes, it would be sticks, if not sticks, then my fingers and I would die from cancer from exposure to the paint and The Spousal Unit would get rich selling her dead husband's paintings. Wow, I think I just went off track there and should probably erase that last sentence before it gives her any ideas. Where was I... Oh yeah. To get really technical with you here, you know what I like about painting with knives? I know that you think I am going to answer, "How they allow me to trowel on mass quantities of paint and drag mercilessly to see what the colors will do."  While that is all true, what I really like about them is the fact that I do not have to wash them; just a quick wipe, and I'm done. Yes, I am that lazy.    The color experimentation is pushed more on the larger piece, but I think you can see hints of that experimentation even on the little one. My insanity has no prejudice against size. 
Posted November 28, 2012

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