Temple Superhet Red Radio

11"x14" oil on canvas The only thing that comes to mind when I look at this piece is that I have not painted many 11x14s this year. I do not know why. It is a great size. Actually, any size is a great size as long as I get to paint.    On another note... I have been judged into the Beverly Hills Art Show. It takes place on the weekend of October 20th & 21st and runs from 10 am to 5 pm both days—I will be in space #138. It is a huge show with music, good food, nice artists, and miscreant artists such as myself. As a matter of fact, in the Fall, 5 pm is the latest they let miscreant artists, such as myself, stay in Beverly Hills. After that they boot us out and who can blame them?
Posted October 11, 2012
Come see this painting at the Beverly Hills Art Show / Oct. 20th & 21st

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  1. I say, Congratulations to the Miscreant! Beverly Hills, no less.


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