C Clamp

8"x10" oil on canvas It is hard to beat good old American made C clamps, so when I saw three old rusty ones at the Rose Bowl Flea Market, I snatched them up—and YES, I paid for them. Not that it needs any explaining, but the reason the top of this clamp is rusty and the bottom isn't is because I have yet to wire brush these babies and the the dark tones at the bottom represent where the oil I used to loosen them up is still residing. It is not a good idea to have rusty and/or oily C clamps.    You learn the value of these older clamps when a newer one made in an unmentioned country breaks on you—like the body was made of compressed potato chips—right at a critical moment. They could hear me cussing all the way over in the unmentioned country when it happened to me.
Posted October 4, 2012
Come see this painting at the Beverly Hills Art Show / Oct. 20th & 21st

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