The Flatware

6"x4" oil on raymar panel. People ask me questions all the time about painting glass and chrome. I guess they are looking for the "Tricks & Tips" section of my brain. Well, the only "Tip" about painting glass and chrome, or anything else for that matter, that I have to offer is to try to keep the paint off of your clothes and that I have yet to learn the "Trick" to keeping paint off of my own clothes (you should see me encounter spaghetti—a nightmare). Hence, my low standards—a good day of painting is when I do not get the stuff on my clothes and I commit to painting the chrome and/or glass as I see them or at least want to see them. Oh, and somebody makes me cookies, that makes for a great day of painting.  
Posted September 4, 2012
sold • private collection lincolnwood, il

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