GE Clock Radio White

12"x8" oil on canvas panel. The Clan Logan has three of this particular clock radio. My Brother Unit has a red one (which you have already seen in oil paint), The Mother Unit has a kinda marbled maroonish one, and I have this white one. Mine was acquired via eBay auction and it arrived damaged. The main damage is a 4, maybe 5 inch crack right on top. Needless to say, I was disappointed, but for modeling purposes, it still suits. The cause of the damage was easy to surmise: When placed side by side, you would swear that the box the radio came in was smaller than the radio itself. This person somehow defied the laws of physics and crammed this poor radio into a smaller box. The post office, of course, could sense this ripple in the physical universe and proceeded to repeatedly punt it across the nation until it landed—with a thud—on my doorstep.    After all of that, I think it deserved to be painted.
Posted September 5, 2012
sold • private collection venice, ca

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