LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper

6"x4" oil on raymar panel. In one form or another, these little plastic stormtrooper dudes are legion in our domicile. There are so many of them, that if my Spawn (imps of malleable moral bearings) should ever decide to go completely over to the Dark Side (they now visit only on occasion) they could possibly take over the entire universe with these little soldiers of doom. Which, in our case, would be the front room.    What, you doubt the evilness of these little figurines with plastic underwear? They're harmless you say? Trying stepping on one in the dark, in your bare feet at 3 AM and see how harmless the little b___ds are.    Anyway, here is one that posed just long enough for me to paint him in all of his evilness.
Posted July 10, 2012
sold • private collection washington, dc


  1. I chuckled with terror when his sinister little visage popped up in my inbox.
    Love it!


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