1941 Philco Radio

16"x20" oil on canvas. There is so much going on in this painting and I can't really think of anything to type. That could be due to the fact that at present, there is a nefarious (unfinished) 30"x30" painting behind me on the easel and it is just STARING at me. It's freaking me out! When I start hearing it talk, then I will know I have problems—right now, it's just whispering snide little comments.    Moving on... Wasn't sure about doing the blue stripe thingy, but I stuck with it to the end. Even though this photo doesn't really match the intensity of the colors in this piece, I wanted to share my insanity with you anyway.
Posted June 27, 2012


  1. I really love your "old things" and the loose way of drawing them with much paint O:-)

  2. I recently 'subscribed' and have to say what a joy it is to receive your paintings in my inbox! Love love love your art. I am a fan!

    1. Thank you Leslie.
      I especially like the "Love love love..." part of your message.


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