Mug o' Tea

14"x11" oil on canvas. If I could impart any little chestnut of wisdom to my fellow painters—by the way, I have no wisdom—it would be this: Don't paint plaid. After that, just try to keep the paint off your clothes.    Moving on... I found that cool old green diner mug you see in the painting at a local thrift store and I just had to paint it. Why I proceeded to put all that stuff around it and then place it all on a plaid tablecloth defies all logic and is a clear indication of insanity.

Report on the Beverly Hills Art Show 

(or How I Got to Shake the Mayor's Hand)
I survived the wilds of Beverly Hills! This past weekend I showed my wares at the Beverly Hills Art Show. Many friends and collectors came to visit and I showed more new pieces than ever before and all that made for a great show. I did make the mistake of winning first place in the painting category (see ribbon below as proof, because I know you don't believe me and that's okay, because even The Spousal Unit demanded to see the ribbon before she would believe me as well). The first place winners got to shake the Mayor of Beverly Hills' hand and ask him when we will get our checks. He was... not amused. I was, it was fun.

Posted May 23, 2012


  1. I really like this painting. What is in the little rectangular package? Congratulations on your First Place Award! I am so happy for you, and I am sure your family is excited, too!

  2. Thanks Gloria!
    That is the packet that the tea bag came in.

  3. Love your work Raymond - beautiful color! Congratulations on First Place (even without the check)!

  4. How cool iz that? And the ribbon has fringes! Spiffy.
    Asking for the check was totally within the bounds of expected cheeky artistic behavior. What was his answer? Did he even crack a smile?

  5. Hey Leslie,
    The Mayor's answer was, "No comment," and he was not amused.


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