10"x8" oil on canvas. Among the friends I have painted, Tim has probably suffered the most. He has been abused in oil paint too much for one human to endure, and yet, he still talks to me. I ask you, how can an artist resist such a cranium? Almost done torturing you with the men for the commission—two more—I think. The collector has ordered five more paintings, but all I have are women. That will make 12 men and 13 women in one display. After I wrote about a painting attacking me, many (a whole lotta) subscribers wrote in wanting to see the nefarious beast, so I took a quick easel shot of it (see below). I also had my ever-ready hand model hold the actual camera to give you an idea of scale. Imagine that wall of goo lunging at your face (not the model, the painting). Posted April 18, 2012
sold (portrait) • private collection west hollywood, ca


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