Gas Station

6"x4" oil on raymar panel. This derelict gas station is just up the road from the liquor store, Bill's Place, I painted and tortured you with earlier. They are out on Sierra Highway on the way to beautiful Agua Dulce. On a kinda sorta bizarre note: I was attacked by a painting yesterday. Okay, there I was, painting a 30x30 piece, which is large for me, and the Bessey clamp that I was using to secure the top of the canvas to my easel decided to spring open—launching a 30" wall of gooey paint in my direction. Luckily I was just bringing my knife up and was able to defend myself from the aggressor. Bessey clamps tend not to spring, so I was really surprised, but ultimately just happy to not have a 1-1/2 foot image of a camera smeared all over me. As I have stated before—being the sophisticate that I am—I consider a good day of painting to be not getting paint on my clothes (and/or my face, hair, or any body part for that matter).
Posted April 6, 2012
sold • private collection moorpark, ca


  1. Raymond, you sure make concrete look interesting!

    Sorry about your attack of the painting, but it was a pretty funny visual...still laughing...thanks!

  2. Another close brush with art-related death!

    Love the painting as always.

  3. Raymond
    I passed on the coveted Liebster Blog Award to you. Hopefully it will direct new traffic to your blog (and mine)
    Paint on dude!

  4. I hear you! I also had a painting fling it'self at me this week. I survived, as did the painting, but my shirt died.

    Great painting, not everyone can make a gas station seem interesting.


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