Coffee Grinder (The Larger)

20"x16" oil on canvas
panel. Did I already post this? I cannot remember. I could just check my past emails or the blog or something smart like that, but that would be too smart for me. So, if I have already posted this photo, the little gray cells apologize. The addition of the patterned background introduced a new front in the battle to paint this piece. It was kinda like painting two paintings—the happy-go-lucky grinder is one painting while the obnoxious tiled background is the other. Controlling the drawing of the diamonds wasn't nearly as big an issue as controlling the colors and values that flow across the surface. This is the infamous grinder that the Mother Unit realized had been stolen by her ne'er-do-well son. I am just happy she did not call the police on me, or worse: file a complaint with the Spousal Unit. It was swiftly returned.
Posted November 8, 2011

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