Jeff's Clock Radio (GE) small

4"x6" oil on raymar panel. You may recognize this radio from a previous larger painting I did of it. (I know, I know, a 16x20 is not that large, but lately it has become large to me. So there.) Well, I thought I would do a small painting of this red radio before returning it to the eagerly awaiting hands of my sibling. Sometimes, when I request to borrow an object to paint it, people think that I am actually going to "paint it," like with pink paint or something. These are the same people that when they ask what I do and I reply that I am a painter, they immediately ask me for a quote to paint their kitchen. Anyway, this is a good time to talk about the evils of radio grilles. When confronted with grilles on a radio, I may sometimes delve or descend into the world of insidiously isolated abstraction. Isolating a section of a piece like that, of course, risks the whole painting going bleck (bleck is an artistic term derived from the Teutonic "blechunziekrapper" which, bizarrely enough, is related to the word "plotz." Such as, "I went to see Jackie Mason's show and I laughed so hard I plotzed.") The best counter to this isolation is to dance about the painting, not focusing too much on any one area, lest it becomes isolated or worse, precious. So, in the end, when I paint these radios with their nefarious grilles, I tend to move about the painting. As an aside, I am also looking for old radios that to do not have grilles so that I will not, in the future, type such a long and obnoxious commentary. The above commentary was actually typed a few days ago and wasn't posted because I have been happily painting and forgetting to post. Anyway, after reviewing it, I have come to the conclusion that it is totally inane and should be ignored—the commentary, not the painting.
Posted September 1, 2011
sold • private collection sykesville, md


  1. Blechunziekrapper unt plotzunziekrapper are my two favorite new words.
    And this is my new favorite version of the Red Radio.
    I can hear radio, voices...

  2. You crack me up. Your paintings are "meaty". I think that means rich color and thick paint. I love them.

  3. I have found myself dancing around a painting trying desperately to keep it from going to I feel your pain....This one however, came out smelling like a rose!

  4. Bad. Ass. Radio.
    I love it man! :)


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