Coffee Grinder

6"x4" oil on raymar panel
. Stole is such and ugly word. Hum. What else could I use instead?... Maybe pilfered? Nah, still too condemning. Aha, I will use liberated—good word. (I can't believe that I just typed what I was thinking. Yikes, I did it again and I can't believe I think in terms such as Yikes, Nah, and Aha. Better get out of these parenthesis and type.) This old coffee grinder was liberated from my Mother Unit's abode. Everything was going great until she noticed it was missing. I then had to actually paint the thing and mumble something like an apology. The small painting, shown here, came out pretty well, so I jumped on painting a larger one before the grinder had to be returned to its rightful home. I have attached an easel picture of the two paintings side-by-side for your amusement and mockery. The picture, quite frankly, stinks, but it is what I could do and I felt like sharing with everybody who submits themselves to the torture of my emails. I will re-post a better picture at a later date and I might actually talk about the painting rather than ramble on about my poor vocabulary.
Posted August 25, 2011
sold • private collection orange, ca


  1. Ummmm, so where is the attached easel photo with the two paintings side by side?

  2. Stole IS ugly. Even knicked is better.. But how about Borrowed (in this instance..)? I once (only once, honest) 'borrowed' some flowers from a bank at the side of a road so they could model at a class I was holding... One student, upon hearing this, decided that explained why she'd had such a bad evening and was having such trouble painting them...!

    I love these paintings, and laughed when I saw the 2 paintings together, for the scale. Well done for going so... sarcastically LARGE!

  3. Nice job on this painting, Raymond!


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