Jeff's Old Philco

11"x14" oil on canvas. Lately, I have been trying to paint larger pieces. Now, you must understand that since I started the whole daily painting thingy, my work's standard size has become a whopping 4" x 6." Consequently, anything larger than six inches is, to me, larger. This piece, while not being all that big to most people, to me is simply colossal in scale. Well, maybe not "colossal"—let's just say somewhat bigger. Recently, I have painted pieces in a range between 11x14 and 20x30. You have not seen them because they are a pain in the derrière to photograph. But photographed they must be, so don't worry, you will get a chance to laugh at them later.
Posted July 27, 2011
sold • private collection lancaster, ca

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  1. This is a beautiful painting and it must be gorgeous at the grand size of 11x14. Nice to hear you are painting on a larger scale while tantalizing us with smaller daily works.


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