Old Gray Hat

10"x8" oil on canvas. This painting represents my condition after taking time off to "relax" with The Family. On a cheerier note: I won an award at the Randy Higbee Gallery's Spring 6x6 Show! My "Dexter No.6," "Ansco Cadet Camera," and "Chinese Horse" were sent off to do battle among hundreds of other paintings and I (they) won. The award does not seem to be technically called anything, but I call it "Cool." This, of course, is blatant bragging, but how often do I get to do it? (Please DO NOT ask the Spousal Unit that last question.) I missed the opening night, but we are going down there tomorrow to check it out. With over 500 paintings hanging on the walls, I hear it is a spectacular sight. Thanks Randy!

Posted April 20, 2011
sold • private collection west hollywood, ca


  1. If this painting represents how you're feeling, you must be feeling Great! Congratulations on your award!!

  2. Fantastic. I really enjoyed getting right up to your work at Randy's. I just keep going back to look some more. Now that was not easy because it was quite a crowd. Enjoyed visiting your blog!

  3. Good for you my fellow painter.. Your work is excellent, so a well deserved win... I missed the show, I will have to check it out next week.

  4. Great portrait--love the wild brushwork.


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