Cat Bank Hex

5"x5" oil on door skin panel. Several people took umbrage at my describing the last cat bank trio as nefarious evildoers (yes, I know that is redundant, but I just like the way it sounds). So, I went out and found this little guy (totally got ripped off, but he is so cool looking) and thought I would take another shot at it and go on to describe the little kitty as a nice, well meaning ceramic thingy that is just calling you to save your coin. But, come on! Look at this guy—he's casting a hex. One arm up with paw down is beckoning, two arms up with evil paws down is just plain ol' witchcraft. Still, I couldn't resist buying (did I tell you that he was overpriced?) and painting him with his cool little cat pillow. In real life, he is just over two inches tall, so I figure his hexing powers can't be too strong. I am still avoiding painting the larger cat bank I procured down in Little Tokyo. Maybe I need to find more midgets like this one in order to work my way through the block. Hey, it could develop into an addiction, but they are fun and challenging to paint. Challenge is good.
Posted April 19, 2011
sold • private collection pasadena, ca

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  1. I'm laughing at you right now! You sure can paint these 'nasty' kitties well!!


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