Soy Sauce Bottle

4"x6" oil on raymar panel. My immediate clan consumes so much soy sauce that we buy it by the gallon. That makes the appearance of this little guy a mystery. It just magically appeared with the implicit command to paint it. It's kind of like blind bartering, except that I never seem to get my payoff, which, of course, would be cookies. Speaking of pie (segues not being a strength of mine), my friend Victoria Wesseler sent me the most wonderful present of Pie in a Jar from Lisa's Pie Shop. Wonderful stuff! The Logans officially suggest serving it on ice cream. The shop is located in Atlanta, Indiana, but they ship all over. Go check it out at their website: You may also read Lisa's inspirational story on Victoria's blog, Going Local (
Posted January 13, 2011
sold • private collection bloomfield hills, mi

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  1. You are making me laugh! I've been browsing your blog and I'm sitting here chuckling at the computer. My husband is looking at me askance. Stop it already!

    Nice painting, by the way. Really good job on the reflections.


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