Newly Updated Daily Paintworks!

As you may already know, I belong to a group of twelve artists known online as Daily Paintworks. Well, we have improved our site and I am proud to announce the newly updated, searchable Daily Paintworks online gallery. You can now search by Artist, Title, Keywords, and even Colors through the over 4,000 paintings on the site. (The color thing is freaky, I don't know how the site does it.) It is inspirational to be able to see so many paintings at a time and it's really easy to navigate. My Daily Paintworks gallery is great for seeing my work en masse and for viewing my available paintings.

>Click here to visit the new Daily Paintworks
>Click here to see my new, personalized Daily Paintworks gallery page

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  1. Congrats to us!! So wonderful, this freaky new site is! :)


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