Salad Servers

6"x4" oil on raymar panel. I am back from the wilderness and I appear to have all of my appendages, including the Spawn. At least we sent somebody off to school today, I presume they were my children. Anyway, what better way to start off a new year than with a pair of salad tongs or serving spoons or whatever these things are. A little unorthodox I know, but hey, it's what I a got. When you do this painting thingy, people close to you often make suggestions as to what to paint. Well, on a recent day, the Mother Unit (a.k.a. The Other Woman in My Life) sidles up next to me, hands me these tongs and says, "These were your grandmother's." So, I get ready for the inevitable story that comes along with such items. You know, something like how Grandma Dorothy used these to fend off the Huns in the Ardennes or how she smacked Cousin Myron upside the head with them or at least that they were a wedding gift from some surly aunt, making them rather old and precious. Do I get a story? No. I get, "Paint them!" So, here they are. Anything to make the Mother Unit happy.

Posted January 11, 2011
sold • private collection paige, tx

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  1. Raymond,
    Thank your Mother for us. I love the way you paint metal objects....and glass...and well everything!


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