Wintergreen Candy

4"x6" oil on raymar panel. This is about as Christmassy as I get. Just be happy it's not a skull. I know, it should be a candy cane, but we have not one in the house. At least not an edible one. A bunch of these little green candies was given to me by one of my wonderful collectors to inspire me. Usually, handing an artist something to inspire them doesn't work, but I thought these were pretty cool looking, so here's one of them immortalized in oil paint. As I stated earlier, I am taking some time off from posting, so I would like to wish you (yes, you) a safe and most Happy Holiday Season!
Posted December 23, 2010
sold • private collection los angeles, ca


  1. I'm just sitting quietly painting and your email plopped in - how very delicious indeed. Both to get your lovely post, and your wonderful painting. Thank you for all the paintings you've shared with me, you're an inspiration and too funny..
    Julie Douglas, Ireland

  2. delightful little gem ! love the crinkled paper and the bouncing bits of green here and there ! -Sandy Haynes

  3. Really nicely done..beautiful treatment of the wrapper!



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