John Alcantara

6"x4" oil on raymar panel. See what happens when you let me take a picture of you? You end up in paint and are sent out into the ether. Anyway, this is my friend and fellow artist John Alcantara and I actually did not take the picture, our mutual friend Tim did (I didn't wrangle the iPhone camera too well, so Tim stepped in). The thought has crossed my mind to immortalize some of my fellow artists in oil paint. Like many of the thousands of artistic thoughts that cross my mind, it sometimes proves fleeting. My being easily distracted by shiny things has spared my artist friends, for now.

Posted November 1, 2010
private collection los angeles, ca


  1. Where is John now? I would recognize those eyes and lips even though it's been 40 years. A beautiful portrait.

    1. I knew John when I was very young and am so happy to know that he achieved what was his heart's desire, that is, to be who he was artist. Since the advent of the cyber age I googled him recently and up popped your magnificent painting. He has aged, haven't we all, but has the same penetrating and secretive look I knew so well.

      On my next visit to L.A. (I was there in June) I would love to see your work. I very much relate to and was inspired by your comment that you paint every day because others expect it.. these were not your exact words of course, but it was an inspiration to me to keep plugging away at my writing. Keep painting!!


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