Bougies in a Bottle

6"x4" oil on raymar panel. After yesterday's rant, (thanks for all the comments) I thought I would talk more about the painting today. Let's see... If I had to sum up the experience of painting the piece you see above into a phrase posed as a question, it might be, "Are you insane?" or the ever popular, "What were you thinking?" Followed by the pleasant and thoughtful, "You ought to be committed." Thinking that painting a bunch of bougainvillea bracts, slammed into a bottle would be a good idea was naive to the extreme. Yes, all that purply red stuff are bracts - not flowers. The flowers are the little white thingies you see peeking out here and there. You cannot approach such a grouping as individual flowers, oh no, they will beat you up. You have to deal with them as one mass — hunting for your lights, darks, and all the in-betweens and applying them honestly is the only way an artist will survive such a treacherous task. So I'm nuts, I enjoyed the challenge.

Posted September 22, 2010
sold • private collection glendale, ca

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