Planetary Purple Grape

4"x6" oil on raymar panel. Yes, it is a grape the size of a bus. A while back I painted a planetary green grape and the experience was such a challenge that the Spousal Unit was dispatched on a global search for a dark purple grape, so that I may try the insanity yet again. Her months long, arduous search finally bore fruit and I was given this diminutive fellow with the Royal command of, "Here. Paint this. Etcetera." You do not want to know what the "Etcetera" is substituting for. Those of you lucky enough to have basked in Her radiance will know, that is a joke. Anyway, all Royal commands must be obeyed, so I present you with this planetary grape. Just as with his predecessor, this little guy is about 1/2" in person (well, not any longer – I ate him), making this painting roughly 650% scale.
Posted August 31, 2010
sold • private collection sherman oaks, ca

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