J's Ropers

11"x14" oil on canvas. Here is a larger painting for you. One of the Spousal Unit's pair of ropers (horse boots). I say "One of...", because she has two pair. Kinda funny for a person who neither ropes or rides. Hey, they're comfortable and they look good. That last sentence may be translated to read: Hey, whatever she wants is fine with me. As far as the painting goes, there is a lot of paint gobbed on there and plenty of manipulation of the light. I had a direction I wanted to go with the painting and those humble boots and a few choice swear words allowed me to take it there.
Posted August 25, 2010
sold • private collection la canada, ca

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  1. Just found your blog and wanted to say I love your painting! especially these boots.
    I'll add you to my blogroll to be sure to come back.


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