David in 2010

10"x8" oil on ca
nvas. Grappling with a larger painting today, but I thought I would take a break and post these for you. The first painting of David shown above was painted about two weeks ago and the second that looks like it is on cardboard (that's because it is) was painted about five years ago. Just for your reference, the older painting is actually larger at 21" x 17.25" in size and is painted on amber shellacked cardboard. Shellacked cardboard is a dream to paint on, it's kinda sorta like painting on ice, the paint just glides on. DISCLAIMER: Now, before I get slammed by my fellow artists, let me say that I am not suggesting that anybody paint on cardboard. The last time I showed one of my older paintings on cardboard, it garnered many comments about why I should not do it. But, I will tell you this, if you got nothing to paint on, and you just HAVE to paint (that's me!), shellac up some cardboard and go for it. Just remember that cardboard is not a long lasting material and that your painting is NOT precious, so attack it. That is a pretty crumby disclaimer and my league of lawyers that I keep on staff would surely disapprove - oh well.
Posted July 27, 2010
sold • private collection west hollywood, ca

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