Blue House

4"x6" oil on raymar panel. I have always wanted to paint this little house. One bedroom at most, it has raised multiple generations of families. Not only did it supply an interesting subject, the little wonder forced a change in my paint mix that I am grateful for. An artist, especially one who paints almost everyday, may fall back on tried and true color mixes. Sometimes, you need to break away from these stalwarts, but you don't want to. So, if luck shines, the change is forced. I did not want the house's blue to blend with the sky's blue. The house contains five colors I commonly use to mix my skies, so I dumped some and introduced new ones into the sky. Me... pleased. Once an artist becomes complacent, happy, or worse – content with their palette and/or mixes, there is the risk of stagnation. This little house did me good service, I hope I did it justice.
Posted July 9, 2010
private collection arroyo grande, ca
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