6"x4" oil on raymar panel. Meet Buddie. I believe she is the first dog I have ever painted and she is most deserving. A chihuahua mix with impeccable taste in art (she has visited me at the Beverly Hills show a couple of times and has not once left her opinion in my booth). The lovely lady is graying, but she is predominately black. Though I can no longer afford to have a favorite color, at one time, black was probably it. In kindergarten, between learning how to write on stone tablets with hammer and chisel, we were asked the typical question, "What is your favorite color?" I answered, "Black." Immediately I was told to pick another color. Upon my refusal, the scary power at be, asked me why I chose black. "Because, dear teacher, I can see all the other colors in it (please don't hit me)." My impudence resulted in the blessed punishment of nap time isolation. Throwing paint might have had something to do with the punishment too, but I like the color story better.

Posted June 8, 2010
private collection santa monica, ca
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