6"x4" oil on raymar panel. I have a bunch of these steel wrenches, from about half a foot long to a foot and a half. This is kind of a mid-sized one at about 13 inches. I had to clamp two of its heavy brothers on its handle to hold it up for this pose. You will probably have to suffer with more of these wrench paintings. They are just great subject matter, with their distinct shapes and rich grays. Some even have wood handles. I wasn't sure about using such a rich, brilliant blue in the background (the camera just cannot pick it up) as a contrast to the grays of the wrench, but I think it works.

Posted May 20, 2010
sold • private collection bloomfield hills, mi

The Beverly Hills Show
My Weekend of Public Humiliation

(If any of the judges from the show happen to be reading this, that last comment is a joke.)
The show was great! I took third place in the painting category, by far the largest category in the show and I gave no cause for the Beverly Hills Police Department to arrest me – yeah. What really made it a great show is that so many of my friends visited. Thanks to all who showed up, you really made it special.
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