Glass and Tomato

4"x6" oil on raymar panel. Sometimes painting comes down to a chase; chasing the light, chasing colors, chasing the spawn out of the studio, locking the door while trying not to cuss at them. Where was I? Oh yeah, I don't always start out with a chase in mind – I just want to paint, but this time I had a goal. I wanted to see that little tomato on the left side of the glass. So, I put it down and... nothing. What the...? Why wasn't it there? I tried moving it all over and still nothing. Let's try putting liquid in the glass. Voila! There it was in all its splendor on the left side. But something was wrong, the little red dude had completely vanished from the right side. Well, that just looked freaky, so there I was, dumping little amounts of water out of the glass until I arrived at what you see: a tomato in both the left and right side of the glass with the added bonus of that red clam looking thingy in the bottom left.
Posted May 24, 2010
private collection santa monica, ca
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