Bottle, Bonsai Pot, Tangerine

6"x4" oil on raymar panel. I'm back and I know I am supposed to talk about the painting handsomely ensconced above, but... Yesterday, I am driving up the infamous Interstate 5 when a totally tricked out shiny black GMC Yukon does a right side pass, jumps two lanes and doesn't signal. Now, this is not wholly unusual, especially on a California freeway, but as I glanced over at the behemoth while it was making its move I noticed it was being driven by two grinning Buddhist monks, complete with orange robes and a Tibetan flag decal on the back window. From a karma standpoint, driving in a reckless and dangerous manner, breaking multiple laws, and CUTTING ME OFF, cannot be good for these two. Now, the thought did cross my mind to catch up and show them my own unique form of karma. But two things interceded. Firstly, the way they opened that baby up and flew it appeared obvious that they were out to set a new land speed record for a person with a shaved head and secondly, considering the personal nature of my cargo, quite frankly, I am just not that stupid. I am left with the hope that sometime in the future their karma is going to rise up and bite them in their beautifully flowing robes, hopefully by way of a hefty ticket from a karmically balanced CHP officer. Nothing like a little still life and an insane rant to celebrate my return.
Posted April 13, 2010
sold • private collection west hollywood, ca
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