Smaller Rock at Morro Bay

4"x6" oil on board. When one finds oneself in Morro Bay, one finds oneself in the position of producing the obligatory painting of that big rock located at the mouth of the harbor. It is a storied and historical lump of stone and one really should paint it. So, finding myself on the beach, looking north with the rock to my back, I turned south and noticed this little orphaned rock out in the water. I say little, but this "little" rock is actually quite large and only appears small in comparison to its overpowering neighbor. Not to snub a landmark or anything like that, but I liked the little guy, so here he or she is (don't know what gender one applies to a rock) off to the right of the seldom viewed back side of the big rock.
Posted September 15, 2009
private collection spring valley, ca
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