Seven Sister #3

4"x6" oil on board. As promised, this is the third and last of the San Luis Obispo Seven Sister hillock paintings and it is the most up and close of the three. This is about as close as I want to get to one of these things. They are all in some different state of ownership. I think a couple are in the middle of private ranches, which just means you might get shot at. Others are in the dominion of the California National Guard base, which means some very nice and well armed persons of camouflage will efficiently track and remove you, hopefully alive. Some of the remaining are under the jurisdiction of either SLO City or SLO County, which means you will be tracked down by a three piece suit, panting heavily and either serving you with papers or asking you to sign some form of liability release. The last group scares me the most.
Posted September 8, 2009
private collection west hollywood, ca
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