Teapot and Grapes

4"x6" oil on board. This little teapot was purchased at the Rose Bowl Swap Meet. A sinister event conceived by the devil with the sole intent to rob you of your hard earned cash. Everybody is in danger wandering through aisle upon aisle of tempting stuff. In the case of a still life artist, it can be a money sucking monster. There is so much miscellany. Tempting tchotchkes from antique bottles to toys that spark painful childhood memories that make your wife giggle. You feel like you should attend a Swap Meet Suckers Anonymous meeting after you get home and look at all the stuff you bought. It is hell on earth and man, I love it. Nothing like haggling somebody down to $3 from $5 for a trinket worth 50¢.
Posted February 13, 2009
private collection newport beach, ca
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