Euryops in Glass

6"x4" oil on gessoed door skin. Euryops is a South African native. In my area, it blooms profusely with bright yellow daisylike flowers almost year round. I just went out, cut a bunch and stuck them in this small glass of water. Here I am again faced with an abundance of yellow - yikes (see artist gripes/Feb. 19 post/Lego Man). Flowers are
a great subject. They very often force abstraction. If you look at a group of flowers as individuals within a group, you may just go mad. It would be like painting every leaf on a tree. Flowers often require slowing down and recognizing shapes, values and colors in abstraction. The flowers in today's painting just took on a life of their own and I was happy to let them do so.
Posted February 28, 2008
collection of the artist
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