Wind Up Tin Toy Robot Two

12"x12" oil on canvas (As promised, here is the second piece from my email twofer.) From the moment The Spousal Unit walked through the door with these little robots, I fell in love with them. They are only about 2-1/4" tall, but it is a dynamic 2-1/4" to be sure. Today, I present to you robots Number Two and Three. There will be a total of five of these little space invaders coming at you. Number Two (above) is an entirely too happy space invader, but the grumpy hick Number Three (below) makes up for it with his menacing, two-toothed grimace. It is a nice contrast between "I am friendly and mean you no harm!" and "Hmmph... You kinda looks tasty!" And for all of you new subscribers, yes, these are evidence of me painting whatever That Woman brings through my studio door. Marital bliss (and my continued access to freshly baked brownies) is of paramount importance to this artist. I am a base person.

Posted June 29, 2018

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