The Side Door

6"x4" oil on panel These two 6x4s are good examples of how a piece can change when it goes from the small version to its larger iteration. When taken larger, I thought the "The Side Door" piece would look better narrower. The end result had me changing the dimension ratio from 2 to 3 (see above) to 1 to 2 (see right). This, of course, meant making some changes. For example, that really cool looking window on the right got nixed—bummer, but it was for the best. With Pecos Bill's, I decided to make the larger version a square piece, effectively lopping off a bunch of sky and a little amount of asphalt (see right inset). If you disagree with my decisions, you may file a complaint with my Department of Complaint Response. It is staffed by The Spousal Unit and, I can guarantee you, She doesn't like fielding complaints AND She is often armed with gardening clippers AND She knows how to use them (in possibly very nasty ways). If you hear the word "whiner" anywhere in the beginning of Her response, my advice to you would be to run as fast as you can. Actually, you'd have better luck if you had a car waiting with someone at the wheel revving the engine and the door open. Actually, forget it, you wouldn't stand a chance, either way you're a goner.

Posted June 20, 2018

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