Those .45s Just Don't Listen

6"x4" oil on panel Here are a couple more 6x4s. I am ever so slowly catching up on my posts of these minis. (WARNING: The following is an unauthorized parental rant—proceed at your own risk!) On another note... AT&T tried to slam our house with fiber optics today. Murphy's Law came into play and the scheme failed. The technician valiantly vowed to return tomorrow to finish the job. We were informed that after they pipe fiber optics into our humble abode we will have godlike internet speed. This begs the question: Do we need godlike internet speed? The internet is already too fast for the likes of me, so who needs that much speed? Well, The Logan Spawn, of course. I am very proud to inform you that our offspring protect the world from rampant zombies or terrorists or insurgents or the entire WWI German Army or whatever else seems to be randomly attacking us for absolutely no reason at all. I mean, what did we ever do to the Kaiser to have him sic his pointed helmeted forces on us? Whenever I suggest that maybe it would be fairer on the mindless zombie horde or the entire German Army if The Spawn used cricket bats like my hero, Shaun of the Dead (see below) instead of so much seemingly readily available armament, I get eye rolls. (By the way, who is leaving all those rocket launchers laying around in the street for The Spawn to pick up and use?) For the uninitiated, the above parental rant has to do with video games. Take if from me, be happy that you are uninitiated. Repeated zombie attacks can be quite tiresome.

Posted April 22, 2018

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