Western Electric Telephone

16"x24" oil on canvas First off, I would like to apologize. As my feeble attempt at taking process shots illustrates, I am not good at taking process shots. Frankly, I am surprised I took as many shots of this painting as I did. Taking pictures is not a priority for me when I am slinging the goo. Slinging the goo is my focus when I am slinging the goo. (Sometimes dreamy thoughts of fresh baked cookies do sneak across my addled gray matter.) Anyway, please take a look at my pitiful attempt at process shots below. Process shots of my work are always going to be a little misleading. The fact is, I do not draw the same way all the time and I do not paint the same way all of the time. The drawing you see below is really just a smoosh of ultramarine blue to give me a general idea. The "drawing" then proceeds to be smooshed and pushed all over until, somehow, I come up with the finished piece. Granted, this is a horrible example of how to do a drawing before one paints, but hey, it is how I do it (sometimes). The drawing is not precious to me, it is something that I continue to manipulate as I paint, often destroying parts or all of it as I go. Including process shots in this email forces me to include this disclaimer: DO NOT PAINT LIKE I DO. YOU MIGHT GO INSANE.

Posted January 30, 2018

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