Honey Holds Court

20"x16" oil on canvas I am going to change it up a bit and actually talk about the painting shown above. "Honey Holds Court" is one of those pieces that became something different from what I initially had in mind. Granted, there is not a lot of "mind" there to do much planning in the first place. All I knew going into the studio that day was that I wanted to steal the salt and pepper shakers from our table and do a painting of them. Somehow, that urge to pilfer grew into the merry band you see above. The decisions leading up to this grouping were not only based in aesthetics. Seeking challenge and an urge to steal more vital items from our kitchen were big motivators as well (if possible, I would have included the kitchen sink, but I installed that sink and it isn't coming out with anything short of a liberal application of TNT). Like most kitchens, these are not the only vital items in ours. For example, olive oil really deserves a place in this piece, but our olive oil bottle is too tall. And we have this great old Calumet baking powder tin! Oh, and we have our own secret Logan Seasonings, but its container is just plain ugly. But I digress. Putting glass and chrome in front of me is just like throwing down a gauntlet. Adding the beautiful depth of soy sauce and the sheer insanity of a transparent, bear-shaped bottle of honey is just plain masochism. In the past, you have put up with me stating that if it isn't challenging, I really do not see the point and that bottle of honey is proof of that bent attitude. Bringing my color work to that innocent looking (read: evil) bear whilst maintaining its dimensionality was a swear word inducing event (I try not to cuss and spit anymore—spitting is so unseemly). I really do not know what else to say about this piece. I could tell you about The Spousal Unit's penchant for making her own granola, making my holding onto that honey for too long a life threatening situation for this artist, but I won't go into it.


I have been judged into this year's Fall version of the Beverly Hills Art Show. I will be displaying my wares in space #139 in the first park between Rodeo and Beverly Boulevards. I know that some of you are only concerned with whether or not The Spousal Unit will be there. At present, all I can say is, let's hope for the best (and that I do not do anything to upset She Who Controls My Life between then and now—as always, I can make no guarantees as to my behavior). Show: Saturday & Sunday, October 21st & 22nd / 10am to 5pm both days. More info to come.


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Posted October 13, 2017

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